Skyworth at CES2018

Skyworth showcased its complete range of products at the 51st CES, which kicked off in Las Vegas in early January 2018. By exhibiting its proprietary technologies and cutting-edge products at the largest booth in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Hall, the home appliance maker showcased what Chinese innovation is capable of in a fast-moving industry on the cusp of transformation.

Skyworth booth at CES2018

Skyworth creates next generation high-tech products by expanding its OLED TV portfolio with proprietary AI chips

Artificial intelligence or, more simply, AI, the catchword during 2017 for all that is new in technology, is set to gain traction for massive growth in terms of industrial application in 2018. As the leader in developing key OLED technologies, promoting the development of the OLED industry and marketing OLED TVs in the Chinese domestic market on a large scale, Skyworth exhibited its proprietary AI chips, including key AI technologies, among them, precision smooth processing, dynamic object reconstruction and super 4K Ultra HD supplement. Skyworth’s OLED TVs are equipped with AI chips leverage artificial intelligence to search, identify and refactor images as a means to accurately enhance image quality and restore the immersive aspect, delivering a more lifelike viewing experience.

Skyworth OLED TV

Skyworths efforts to further expand into international markets

Skyworth has established relationships with a number of top international brands.Take Dolby® for example, Skyworth plans to bring Dolby Atmos® immersive audio to its new TV in 2018. The combination of Skyworth TV and Dolby Atmos is expected to set a standard for the industry. A leap forward from surround sound, it transports you from an ordinary moment into an extraordinary experience with moving audio — sound that fills your room and flows around you with breathtaking realism to create a powerfully moving entertainment experience.

In addition to the cooperation with Dolby, Skyworth has also formed a partnership with global speaker manufacturer JBL and acquired a number of high-end consumer electronics manufacturers with stellar reputations in their respective local markets, German high-end TV maker Metz, renowned UK-based set-top box makers Strong Group and Caldero Limited, as well as Toshiba’s consumer products manufacturing facility in Indonesia. The company has further promoted the globalization of the brand and products in the process of expanding its full portfolio.

The complete range of household appliances and consumer electronics that Skyworth displayed at the exhibition included new flexible AMOLED displays, a complete series of OLED TVs, multi-scene smart home systems, Coocaa all-in-one VR headsets, as well as set-top boxes, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and smart door locks, demonstrating its confidence and determination in expanding and going global.

Skyworth VR headsets