Terms and Conditions of the SKYWORTH “2023 Global TV Festival” promotion

    1. This promotion is presented by SKYWORTH INVESTMENTS AFRICA Pty Ltd
      (“SKYWORTH”), and as such are all promotions presented by SKYWORTH in
      accordance with the provisions of Section 54 (1) of the Lotteries
      Amendment Act (46 of 2001).
    2. SKYWORTH promotions are open to all South African, Namibia and
      Botswana residents
      , unless otherwise stated. Promotions are
      not open to employees, agencies, prize sponsors or contractors of SKYWORTH,
      or any person directly or indirectly involved in the organisation or
      running of the promotion, or their immediate family members of any of the
      suppliers of SKYWORTH.
    3. Entries are only applicable to South African, Namibian and
      residents with a valid identity number and TV License
    4. The decision by SKYWORTH is final, and no correspondence will be
      entered into.
    5. Prizes are not transferable, cannot be deferred or exchanged for
      cash and are not negotiable.
    6. Winners use and accept prizes at their own risk. SKYWORTH cannot be
      held responsible for any accident, injury, or loss of property or damages
      of whatsoever nature experienced as a result of entering or participating
      in any promotion, winning, accepting and/or utilising prizes won.
    7. Prizes not collected/claimed within 1 (one) month of being won will be dealt with in the sole and absolute
      discretion of SKYWORTH.
    8. By entering any promotion presented by SKYWORTH, the entrants agree
      to adhere to the rules of the promotion, the details of which the entrants
      declare themselves conversant with.
    9. Any violation or attempt to violate any of the above rules will
      result in the immediate disqualification of the transgressor in the sole
      and absolute discretion of SKYWORTH.
    10. SKYWORTH may also disqualify a transgressor for entry into any
      other SKYWORTH promotions, for a period deemed appropriate by SKYWORTH, in
      the sole and absolute discretion of the latter.
    11. SKYWORTH reserves the right to cancel the promotion at any time, if
      deemed necessary in their sole and absolute discretion, and shall not be
      liable in anyway whatsoever to the entrants in respect of any cause or
      action whatsoever, for loss or damages of whatsoever nature.
    12. Winners may be required to have their details disclosed and appear
      on SKYWORTH social media platforms, radio, the Internet or in printed
    13. SKYWORTH reserves the right to alter rules or prizes in their own
      and absolute discretion. Such altered rules and prizes shall become
      effective immediately after being altered or on such date as may be
      determined by SKYWORTH and no entrant shall have any recourse or claim
      whatsoever against SKYWORTH as a result of thereof.
    14. SKYWORTH will make every reasonable effort to deliver the prize
      described in the publicized promotion but cannot accept responsibility if
      the prize differs in whole or part, or price value quoted from the prize
      as advertised. 
    15. Winning or participating in a promotion is only finalised once the
      winners/participants have been contacted by SKYWORTH and announced on the
      designated social media platforms of SKYWORTH.
    16. Entrants
      are responsible for the collection of their prize
      from participating retailers for the
      “Win Your Purchase Back” element of the promotion. SKYWORTH will deliver
      prizes to the winners of the “Tell Your Story With SKYWORTH” & “You
      can own one too” elements of the promotion.

In addition to the standard
terms and conditions of SKYWORTH as set out in the above, the terms and
conditions as provided for hereunder shall also apply to the “202
3 Global TV Festival” promotion presented by

Please read these terms and
conditions carefully. The terms and conditions set out below shall apply to all
participants submitting entries for the 202
3 Global TV Festival Promotions (“the promotions”) as presented by SKYWORTH.

    1. Participation in the promotions constitutes acceptance by the participant of these terms and conditions. All information relating to the competitions/promotions and published on any hard or digital copy or format in respect of the promotions, will be deemed to form part of the terms and conditions of entry.
    2. The promotions are not applicable on any other offers/promotions or competitions offered by the retailer.
    3. All terms and conditions are subject to the laws of the Republic of South Africa and should there be any doubt and/or dispute of whatsoever nature between a participant to any competition/promotion presented by SKYWORTH, and SKYWORTH to the participant, by participating in this or any other competition/promotion presented by SKYWORTH, the participant irrevocably acknowledges and accepts that the decision by SKYWORTH is final and binding and the participant will have no recourse or claim of whatsoever nature against SKYWORTH.
    4. Entries for the promotions are open starting Saturday, 08 April 2023 and close, on Monday, 08 May 2023. SKYWORTH reserves the right to request proof of purchase to validate the eligibility of entrants.
    6. To enter this promotion, the entrant(s) must:
      1. a. Purchase one of the below SKYWORTH TV models between 08 April 2023 – 08 May 2023.
      2. 50SUD9300F





          50SUE9500 QLED

          55SUE9500 QLED

    65SUE9500 QLED 

    75SUE9500 QLED

    65SUE9600 MINI LED

    75SUE9600 MINI LED



      1. b. Visit and complete entry form
      2. c. Upload a clear copy of proof of purchase



    1. Only consumers that have owned a SKYWORTH TV for 3+ Years are permitted to enter this competition.

    2. Upload a video of yourself and your SKYWORTH TV of 3+ Years to your social media page and tell us why you deserve an upgrade to a new SKYWORTH QLED+.


    4. Winners will be chosen based on their story and popularity of their videos (like, comments)

    5. Video entries that include vulgar language, containing any nudity or deformation of the brand will be reported.



    1. In order to enter this competition you would need to follow both SKYWORTH SA and the Influencers/KOL promoting the 2023 Global TV Festival

    2. Participants must comment on why they should own one too

    3. Winners will be chosen based on their comments and at the discretion of said Influencers and SKYWORTH.



    1. Prize
      1. Win your Purchase back – You will be refunded for the retail price of your 4K SKYWORTH TV. Please note only purchases paid via cash, credit card and debit card can be refunded.  Loyalty programs can and will not be refunded (E-bucks, Discovery points, UCount Rewards etc.)
      2. Telling your story with SKYWORTH – Should you be the chosen winner you will receive a new 50” SKYWORTH QLED+ TV at zero cost to you. 
      3. You can own one too – Should you be the chosen winner you will receive a new 50” SKYWORTH QLED+ TV at zero cost to you.
      4. Please note that all winners need to have a valid TV license.


      1. SKYWORTH reserves the right to issue a voucher to the winner from the retailer the consumer purchased the TV unit from. Entrants are responsible for the collection of their prize / prizes from the respective retailer.

 Additional Terms:

    1. SKYWORTH’s decision is final and binding on entrants, and no correspondence will be entered into.
    2. Multiple entries will be permitted, subject to each entry being submitted separately and in accordance with entry requirements 
    3. Participants must enter the promotion using their legal name, as stated on their South African Identity Document. SKYWORTH reserves the right to disqualify anyone entering a promotion in their sole and absolute discretion without having to provide any reasons thereto.  By entering the promotion, the entrant hereby warrants that all information submitted by him/her is true, current and complete.
    4. All the prize(s)/rewards are offered by SKYWORTH and cannot be claimed more than 1 month after the promotion has ended. Therefore, the cutoff period for redeeming vouchers is 09 June 2023. By entering this promotion, the entrant acknowledges and accepts that SKYWORTH reserves the right to request that images and video be taken of the winners and/or partners to be used for publicity purposes in the manner they deem fit, without any further remuneration being payable to the winner and all the promotional material will become the sole property of SKYWORTH. 
    5. SKYWORTH reserves the right to carry out reasonable due diligence investigation to confirm eligibility of the entrant to enter into and participate in this promotion, and thereby ensure that the entry, participation and utilizing of the entrant in the advertising or publicity for the promotion will not bring SKYWORTH into public disrepute, contempt, scandal or ridicule or reflect unfavourably on the promotion.
    6. Participants of this promotion are voluntarily providing their personal information to SKYWORTH and/or its associated agency. By entering this promotion, participants acknowledge and accept for SKYWORTH to collect, store and use (not share) personal information of participants for communication, statistical and publicity purposes. Participants are entitled to decline any marketing communication.
    7. SKYWORTH and its associated agency will at its own discretion be entitled to amend the terms and conditions or terminate the promotion at any given time without having to provide any reasons thereto.
    8. SKYWORTH may refuse to award the prize/reward to a participant if there is suspicion of any irregularities or fraudulent activities.
    9. Neither SKYWORTH nor its agents or distributors will have any liability in relation to this promotion or emanating from this promotion in respect of any claim or recourse instituted by an participant or third party in or in respect of this promotion or for that matter, any other competition or promotion presented by SKYWORTH.
    10. All participants and winners indemnify SKYWORTH against any / all claims of whatsoever nature for any loss or damages, whether direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise, arising from any cause whatsoever connected to or arising from their entry and/or participation in any way in this promotion or any other competition or promotion presented by SKYWORTH.
    11. SKYWORTH and their Agency will adhere to the minimum standards of record keeping as prescribed by the applicable legislation and to the extent allowed in Law and similar reserve the right to terminate this promotion immediately and without notice and accept no responsibility for any tax commitments arising from the acceptance of a prize/s and/or rewards and independent financial advice should be sought by the participant for such purpose, nor be held responsible for any unforeseen costs with regard to the acceptance of a prize/s and/rewards,  besides such costs which is stipulated in the rules of the competition or in law, nor guarantee, warrant or make any representations whatsoever regarding the quality, extent or monetary value of the prize/s and/or rewards.
    12. If SKYWORTH is required by any legislation, the Minister of Trade and Industry, or the National Lotteries to alter any aspect of the promotion or to terminate the promotion as a result of changes in legislation, SKYWORTH will have the right to terminate this promotion with immediate effect and without notice of such termination. In such event all participants hereby waive any rights which they may have against SKYWORTH and/or Promoters and acknowledge that they will have no recourse or claim of any nature whatsoever against SKYWORTH and/or the Promoters, its agents, contractors and/or sponsors.
    13. SKYWORTH shall not be responsible for the failure of any technical element relating to this promotion that may result in an entry not being successfully submitted.
    14. In the event that a prize is not available despite SKYWORTH and/or the Promoter’s reasonable endeavours to procure the prize, SKYWORTH reserves the right to substitute the prize with a prize of equal value.

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