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High tech company Skyworth says the advancement of technology has increased consumers desires making them want the latest products “fast and now” with instant gratification.

The company says when it comes to technology, brands need to be on top of their game and they have proven this repeatedly offering the market several firsts including Android TV and AI TV.

Now, at IFA 2019 – the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances – the brand, a pioneer in big-screen Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) and leading appliance manufacturer unveiled their new smart line, plus their ground-breaking new system, Swaiot.

Skyworth brand manager Jaco Joubert, through voice control, Swaiot can connect more than 6,000 infrared non-intelligent home appliance products across brands and categories.

“With the Swaiot system in place, consumers can conveniently connect and control their smart home ecosystem, creating a holistic and vibrant smart living world.” “This just further demonstrates Skyworth’s commitment in leading the industry under the new AIoT era.”

Joubert says that the vision for television, come 2020, is all about personalised technology.

“With the introduction of disruptive business models and innovative technologies, TV is transforming itself.”

The speed at which AI is growing will prepare it to undertake more human tasks by 2020. Its present-day tasks of enabling computers, and in Skyworth’s case, TVS, to read, see, listen, speak and even record, will help AI become a technology that no longer needs human intervention to aid its learning.

Speaking at IFA, Tony Wang president and CEO of Skyworth says the advent of 5G has made it possible for the development of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to continue at full speed.